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HR WYZE - HR Consulting - HR Advising

Increase Knowledge Capital By Effectively Training Employees & Leaders

While training is focused on transferring knowledge, coaching is enhancing knowledge - both approaches can have powerful impacts at different levels of your organization. Our team focuses on the best training and coaching practices that are aligned with your objectives. We use different training models and methodologies to enhance how you retain and enhance knowledge within your organization. Evaluating your current training program can provide you with helpful insights into how to improve and enhance your program. 

Our coaching programs create an ongoing and cohesive plan to help employees and leaders unlock their potential, cultivate their strengths, and achieve their development objectives.

Developing and supporting your leaders to have a strong alignment with how your organization functions and performs is paramount to organizational success. We use various methods to measure and grow leaders, including psychological assessment, emotional intelligence, and strengths-based executive coaching. 

With today’s ever-changing work environment, we offer blended learning programs that help you provide impactful training and coaching opportunities that are easily implemented and accessible. We utilize technology and real-time data to create learning experiences that drive results.

HR WYZE - HR Consulting - HR Advising
HR WYZE - HR Consulting - HR Advising
  • Training and Development

  • Job Training

  • Program Evaluation

  • Leadership Development

  • Individual Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Gamification

  • Instructional Design

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