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Assessing Performance

An effective Performance Management System includes a more frequent, focused, and consistent feedback process. Assessing and driving core people analytics can create a more strategic and data-driven solution to enhancing employee performance. According to Gallup research, performance that is backed by objective data and supported by leaders in real-time, can lead to more predictable, measurable and successful outcomes. At HR Wyze, we provide solutions that align performance data with effective feedback processes that engages employees and empowers them to perform better.

Performance At A Glance

Management's View


Managers are Not Happy with Their Current Performance Management System

Employee's View


Percentage of Employees that Feel their Performance Review is Fair

Company's View


More Likelihood of Engagement & Productivity When There is Goal Alignment 

*According to Gallup Survey/Polls

Traditional Performance Reviews

  • Annual or Bi-Annual

  • Subjective Review of Performance

  • Lead by Manager

  • Less Perception of Fairness

  • Less Followthrough & Accountability

Effective Performance Management

  • Frequent and Consistent Feedback

  • Objective Analysis of Performance

  • Lead by both Employee & Manager

  • More Perception of Fairness 

  • More Followthrough & Accountability

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