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From Manager To Coach

The adoption of the Coaching model of management helps develop employees through purposeful conversations that clarify expectations, better analyze performance, create accountability, and build on employee strengths to increase engagement. A recent Gallup study showed that managers that are trained to engage and coach their employees see a return of $1,812 per employee during their first year, however 36% of managers don't fully believe that they have the skills to lead effectively. At HR Wyze, we provide leadership development solutions to establish coaching practices that engage employees and increase productivity.

Leadership At A Glance

Cost of Poor Management

$7 Trillion

Global Cost Across Various Companies

Engagement Influence


Influence of Managers on Team Engagement

Retention Rate


Retention Rate with Investment in Leadership Development

*According to Gallup Survey/Polls

What Helps Managers Fuel Growth?

  • Understanding unique leadership strengths

  • Effective learning for their teams

  • How to drive workforce toward better performance

  • Questions to ask in learning about employee challenges

Benefits of Coaching

Managers that adopt the coaching model and develop their employees see positive results




Customer Loyalty






*According to Gallup Survey/Polls

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