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HR WYZE - HR Consulting - HR Advising

Create Performance Systems That Generate A Clear Path To Success

We believe in integrated, ongoing, and transparent systems of evaluating performance. Performance Management has shifted to a more frequent, focused, and consistent feedback process that continually affirms and motivates by identifying obstacles early and overcoming them together.


We help you enhance performance by creating clearly defined job roles and performance metrics that allow leaders to provide effective feedback and guidance to support employee and organizational success. Our process helps align employee performance goals, management performance evaluation, and your overall organizational goals to create a system that builds a clear path to success.


Our goal is to create an inclusive process that involves and motivates your people to aspire for improvement and success.

HR WYZE - HR Consulting - HR Advising
HR WYZE - HR Consulting - HR Advising
  • Performance Management

  • Performance Metrics

  • Program Evaluation

  • Goal Setting

  • Employee Psychometrics

  • Organizational Competencies

  • Rater Training

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